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Denver Colorado is one of the best places to live! That is evident by how fast Denver is growing. One thing that makes Denver unique is the water. Denver’s water comes from many sources. Please take a look at the water quality report to see where your water comes from. It’s not all “Rocky Mountain Spring Water” Some homes have a city water supply and some have their own well water. One of the challenges we face is removing the Fluoride that Denver adds to the water. YUK, YUK!


For Denver residence it seams like water softeners are the number one requested water treatment systems. Water softeners work great for well water as well as city water. All water has calcium and magnesium in it and that leaves all the hard whit spots on all your glass and counter tops.

For the most part the city water in Denver is pretty good compared to the water in other cities. Although Denver gets about 90% of their water from rivers lakes and streams they do a fair job at removing the iron that plagues our area and they do add Fluoride to the water. The Fluoride you see on the city water report is both a natural Fluoride and the more harmful man made Fluoride. This man made poison should be removed from your water.

It’s hard for me to know but I would say that at least 50% of the water from the City of Denver is “recycled water” or like I say “used water”. This 50% is from creeks, streams and dirty ground run-off. The City of Denver supply’s about 25% all city water in the state of Colorado. The EPA stated that they have found pharmaceutical drugs in every river they have tested…nation wide. So Denver’s water is no different.


As with all front range water suppliers the City of Denver does add chloramine to the water. Chloramine is twice the poison as chlorine! Chloramine is a 50/50 mixture of bleach and ammonia. YUK!

Chloramine is a gas that is meant to disinfect the water supply do keep bacteria from growing in the water pipes. It is a poison and is designed to kill so in my opinion it should be taken out of the water supply for the whole house. I do not believe we should smell it, shower in it or drink it.

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