Parker, CO

Parker has some strange water problems! The hardness varies from area to area and the amount of red iron is present in some parts of the city and not others. I always recommend that you look at your towns Water Quality Report to get a better feel for some of what you are dealing with.

Please keep in mind that your (any) water provider is only obligated by the EPA to test for certain items that they consider harmful. There are thousands of possible contaminants that can be harmful for human consumption and no one is obligated to tell you about them.

For instance, if a city uses recycled water there will be drugs and other chemicals in the water. Did you know that the water treatment palnts that clean and send the water out cannot remove the drugs! Since there are thousands of drugs being consumed and flushed who knows what drugs lurk in your water. I call this DRUG SOUP!

That is the number one reason I recommend the line of NanoCeram Ultra Filters to clean your water.

 Parker CO, Water Quality Report

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Castle Rock Water Filtration Installation Gallery

water softener, carbon tank, NanoCeram and sediment filter

New water filter system in Parker Colorado. The system consist of a 4.5″ x 20″, 5 micron  sediment filter followed by a 20″ P4.5-20 NanoCeram ultra filter followed by a Catalytic carbon tank and then last filter is an automatic water softener. There is a full sysyem by-pass not shown. This is a “Ultimate” whole house water filter in the beautiful town of Parker Colorado.

Enpress three post ultra filter in Parker, Aurora border.

New water filter system in Parker Colorado is a green system. This is the Enpress ONE whole house water filter. The first is the 5 micron sediment filter followed by a Nano-AL (NanoCeram) with Biostat and the third is the TAC Scale Inhibitor scale control system. This is actually in Aurora Colorado just north of Jordon Rd in Parker.

Scale inhibitor (TAC), Carbon and a sediment filter

A tight squeeze for a new GREEN water filter system in Parker Colorado. The system consist of a 1 micron  sediment filter for dirt followed by a carbon tank for gasses and then last filter is a TAC scale inhibitor with a full system by-pass. No NanoCeram filter here?  The carbon and salt-less system should be good for about 1 million gallons of city water. This is a whole house water filter in Parker Colorado.

water softener, sediment filter, NanoCeram and a carbon tankAnother smart home owner gets a new water filter system in Parker Colorado. The system consist of a 1 micron sediment filter, a P4.5-10 NanoCeram ultra filter, a catalytic activated carbon tank for removal of chloramine and then last system is a water softener with a full system by-pass. This is the ultimate whole house water filter in Parker Colorado.

“Al Vanden Heuvel’s knowledge about water is second to none. I had him install a custom whole house water filter that works flawlessly. I have complete confidence that my filter protects my family due to Al’s passion and knowledge about water filtration. I have had systems by Rain Soft in the past. They were a lot more expensive and did not compare to the quality and performance of my Water Choices filter.”

Todd Barton
Aurora, CO

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