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Castle Rock Colorado is a very unique place to live! One thing that makes it different is the water. Some homes have a city water supply and some have their own well water. This is a fun problem for me as there are more challenges in treating the different types of water. We must always treat well water differently then city water.


Water softeners are the number one requested water treatment systems in Castle Rock as they work great for well water as well as city water but with city water you should always have a whole house carbon tank for removal of poison gas like chlorine and chloramine.

For the most part the city water in Castle Rock is pretty good compared to the water in other cities. Although Castle Rock gets about 70% of their water from city owned deep wells they do a fair job at removing the iron that plagues our area and they do not add Fluoride to the water. The Fluoride you see on the city water report is a natural Fluoride and not the more harmful man made Fluoride and it is at a low level.


All city’s do a good job of managing the PH level as having a low PH would effect the city water distribution system in a negative way. On the other spectrum, well water usually has low PH and that needs to be addressed. The average hardness level in Castle Rock and Douglas County is about 7 Grains-per-gallon, and that is just enough to be annoying and leave white spots on everything.

The other 30% of the water from the Town of Castle Rock is “recycled water” or like I say “used water”. This 30% is from creeks, streams and dirty ground run-off. The Town will eventually increase the “used water” ratio to 70% used and 30% from the aquifer’s below.


As with all city water supplies the Town of Castle Rock does add chloramine to the water. Chloramine is twice the poison as chlorine! Chloramine is a 50/50 mixture of bleach and ammonia. YUK!

Chloramine is a gas that is meant to disinfect the water supply do keep bacteria from growing in the water pipes. It is a poison and is designed to kill so in my opinion it should be taken out of the water supply for the whole house. I do not believe we should smell it, shower in it or drink it.

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