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Return Policy

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee for Customer Satisfaction


Once in a while we run accrose someone that is impossible to please.  We have refunded 100% of moneys about 5 times in 30 years.  It is always possible that there will be someone in the future with such a request.

To start with if you have a problem please don’t hesitate to call us as we do care about your satisfaction with us and our products. 720-219-7818


Here is our policy!

PureWaterChoices (PWC) reserves the right to negotiate a satisfactory settlement with the client before a refund is made.

If a refund is agreed upon PWC reverse the right to remove all material supplied and installed by PWC, their employees or subcontractors. All plumbing shall be returned to original condition.

If PWC shipped to your location for installation by others all material needs to be shipped back in suitable containers to prevent breakage.

All water must be drained as no refunds will be made on products damaged do to freezing and cracking.

No refunds due to damage by improper installation.

No refunds for cost of installation of labor or material performed by PWC or any other installers.

No refunds for shipping cost in either direction.

Monetary refund will be made in the same manner that the products were purchased with. Example, Cash, Check, Credit Card or as agreed upon by both parties.

You must call to get a Return Authorization Form (RAF) before a refund is made.

Thank You,
Owner, Master Plumber
Eric Curtis

“Al Vanden Heuvel’s knowledge about water is second to none. I had him install a custom whole house water filter that works flawlessly. I have complete confidence that my filter protects my family due to Al’s passion and knowledge about water filtration. I have had systems by Rain Soft in the past. They were a lot more expensive and did not compare to the quality and performance of my Water Choices filter.”

Todd Barton
Aurora, CO

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